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Court Documents

Medical Monitoring Questionnaire165.53 KBDownload
Property Cleanup Questionnaire150.45 KBDownload
Exhibit D - Foth Cleaning Procedure258.12 KBDownload
Class Area Map1.20 MBDownload
Class Certification Order969.71 KBDownload
Property Class Notice242.26 KBDownload
Class Action Complaint906.80 KBDownload
Medical Monitoring Class Notice275.45 KBDownload
Motion for Preliminary Approval of Class Settlement1.07 MBDownload
Exhibit A Medical Monitoring Class Settlement Agreement4.92 MBDownload
Exhibit B Property Class Settlement Agreement5.10 MBDownload
Exhibit C Affidavit of Class Counsel8.01 MBDownload
Exhibit D Map1.98 MBDownload
Exhibit E Final Order Perrine v Dupont848.84 KBDownload
Exhibit F Kinsella Notice Program Schedule133.41 KBDownload
Class Counsel Petition for Fees Section 1 of 48.38 MBDownload
Class Counsel Petition for Fees Section 2 of 49.64 MBDownload
Class Counsel Petition for Fees Section 3 of 49.46 MBDownload
Class Counsel Petition for Fees Section 4 of 411.61 MBDownload
Order Preliminarily Approving Class Settlements236.43 KBDownload
Order Correcting the Court's_Order Preliminarily Approving Class Settlements338.93 KBDownload
Final Approval Order_1 of 57.30 MBDownload
Final Approval Order_2 of 56.92 MBDownload
Final Approval Order_3 of 57.19 MBDownload
Final Approval Order_4 of 56.27 MBDownload
Final Approval Order_5 of 54.24 MBDownload
Final Order Approving Attorneys' fees1.47 MBDownload
Notice Requirements Satisfied Order251.66 KBDownload
Order Regarding Compensation of Administrator251.66 KBDownload
2018 Medical Monitoring Protocol Modification251.66 KBDownload


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This site is not operated by Monsanto Company. This class action settlement is supervised by the Court which directed that information about the settlement be provided through this website.

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